CLM 2018 Annual Conference

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Event Description

Rhonda Tobin is among the speakers presenting during a session on "Policy Limit Demands: The New Plaintiff's Strategy and How to Protect Insurers and Defense Counsel" as part of the CLM 2018 Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. The program will address the consequences of not meeting the policy limit demand and strategies to fully protect the insurer and defense counsel when faced with a policy limit demand including how to forcefully get extensions of time, how to communicate to the insured about the demand in terms of what to say and when to say it, how to be able to properly evaluate the claim and how best to do it, tools for getting the case resolved for less than the limit, how to limit defense counsel’s role, and how best to create a record that can guard the insurer against excess exposures.

Additional details about the session and the conference, including registration information, can be accessed here.  


Rhonda J. Tobin

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