Hot HIPAA Topics: Law Firms as Business Associates

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Event Description

Linn Freedman and Kathryn Rattigan will present a program entitled "Hot HIPAA Topics: Law Firms as Business Associates." Presented by the Massachusetts Bar Association, the CLE will help you determine whether your law firm or practice qualifies as a business associate under HIPAA and if so, what you need to do to comply. In addition, the program will cover the basic elements of a HIPAA compliance program, how to implement a HIPAA compliance program in a law firm, and what the risks are to clients and the law firm if you don’t comply.

Additional details about the CLE, including registration information, can be accessed here.


Linn F. Freedman

Robinson+Cole, Partner

Kathryn M. Rattigan

Robinson+Cole, Associate


Massachusetts Bar Association, 20 West Street, Boston, MA, 02111


12/05/2017 12:00 PM


12/05/2017 1:30 PM