Public Administration

We represent a wide variety of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, primarily at the state and local level, that administer, oversee, and manage public programs and have executive, legislative, or judicial authority over other institutions within a given area. These agencies may also set policy, create laws, adjudicate civil and criminal legal cases, and provide for public safety and for defense. Principally, although not in all cases, these clients oversee governmental programs and activities not performed by private establishments. Clients in this area are often engaged in the organization and financing of the production of public goods and services, most of which are provided for free or at prices not economically significant. Government establishments also engage in a wide range of productive activities covering not only public goods and services but also individual goods and services similar to those commonly identified with private sector establishments.

The matters for which we provide advice and counseling include the following:

  • administrative law
  • affordable housing
  • bankruptcy
  • benefits
  • construction
  • employment counseling
  • environmental
  • financial transactions
  • government relations
  • immigration
  • intellectual property
  • land use
  • litigation
  • public finance
  • real estate
  • tax
  • utilities