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DEI+B: Our Spring 2024 Newsletter

Dear friends,

As the spring season ushers in new growth and change, it serves as the perfect backdrop to highlight the importance of leadership renewal and success.

I’d like to congratulate Edward Heath, my Co-Chair on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI+B) Committee, on his recent election to the firm’s Managing Committee. While I know that serving as Co-Chair of the DEI+B Committee has been a personal highlight of Ed’s career, we are all excited for what lies ahead as he embarks on this new role. During Ed’s tenure as Co-Chair of the DEI+B Committee, the firm achieved substantial success during a time that was extremely challenging for leaders to take action and strengthen DEI+B within their organizations. While I cannot fully describe in this brief message the magnitude of his leadership and its transformative influence, I encourage you to review any one of our quarterly newsletters from the last two years to see the many examples. To that end, while Ed will be stepping down as Co-Chair of the DEI+B Committee, I know he will remain dedicated to continuing and supporting our collective mission.

I look forward to continuing the work of the DEI+B Committee as its Chair and I hope you enjoy this edition of the Spring 2024 DEI+B quarterly newsletter.



Virginia E. McGarrity
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, + Belonging
Committee Chair