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2019 Year-In-Review

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity + Inclusion


Dear friends,

I am pleased to share this year-in-review edition of Robinson+Cole’s Spectrum, our diversity and inclusion newsletter. As the firm marks and celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2020, a rare and exceptional accomplishment for any organization, Spectrum continues to highlight the work our lawyers and staff are doing ensure that Robinson+Cole remains a community and professional leader as a diverse, inclusive and welcoming firm.  

Our firm adopted a strategic plan in 2019 that affirms collaboration, inclusion and civility as core values of the firm. I want to thank my fellow committee members and firm leadership for their efforts in carrying out their individual roles and increasing awareness, both internally and externally, of the diversity issues we must face and address as a firm as well as within the larger legal community. We can’t cover all the great events and initiatives of 2019, but this provides offers a good overview of activities. 

Robinson+Cole continues to be a leader in “Pipeline Programs” that are committed to enhancing diversity in the legal profession by cultivating exceptional talent, supporting and nurturing diverse law students and early-career lawyers. R+C is an engaged supporter of numerous “pipeline” initiatives.

Robinson+Cole is pleased to provide office space for the office of the Executive Director of the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity (LCD), an organization formed to answer the call and challenge for greater diversity in the legal profession. R+C is one of LCD’s 40 core organizations and I am honored to currently serve as LCD’s President. 

As always, if you have any thoughts or ideas on how our Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Committee and Women’s Committee can better serve the needs of the firm, please to contact me or another member of the committee.

John B. Lynch Jr.