2022 DRI Life, Health, Disability, and ERISA Seminar

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Event Description

Patrick Begos will be presenting the program "COVID Testing Fee Disputes" as part of the "2022 DRI Life, Health, Disability, and ERISA Seminar." Congress passed emergency legislation early in the pandemic that mandated coverage for COVID testing, but the legislation left many unanswered questions for insurers, and provided opportunities for price-gouging by providers. Patrick will discuss some of the more noteworthy examples of “providers behaving badly,” and cover the legal issues and litigation regarding provider-payer disputes over COVID testing. He is a past chair of the DRI Life, Health, Disability, and ERISA Conference and currently serves as Editor of ERISA Reports and co-chair of the Webinar Subcommittee.

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Patrick W. Begos

Robinson+Cole, Partner


Nashville, TN


05/18/2022 10:00 AM


05/20/2022 7:00 PM