Privacy, Security, and AI: Transforming Information Governance

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Event Description

Kathryn Rattigan will present the program "Privacy, Security, and AI: Transforming Information Governance" as part of ARMA New England's " 2nd Annual Golf Benefit and Education Day." During the session, Kathryn will discuss:

  • Understanding privacy laws and regulations that apply to your business and how information governance can help you comply with these laws
    • Consumer Privacy Regulations (e.g., California Consumer Privacy Act/California Privacy Rights Act, Connecticut Data Privacy Act, and more); the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, and more
    • Implementing policies and procedures that govern how each department in the business handles information and retains/destroys information in compliance with legal requirements and business needs
    • Monitoring for changes in the regulatory structure that governs your business and updating information governance policies accordingly
  • How information governance is a key element in improving data security for your organization and preventing data breaches Tuesday, September 19th, 2023
    • Adopting policies regarding the use and disclosure of information
    • Encrypting data
    • Continuous monitoring for potential risks and what those current risks are
  • How and why artificial intelligence is increasingly used in information management (and the legal and ethical considerations when leveraging this technology)
    • Resolving information silos and increasing efficiency with artificial intelligence

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