Cyber Threat Awareness for Legal Professionals

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Event Description

Blair Robinson will present the myLawCLE program "Cyber Threat Awareness for Legal Professionals." As malicious actors continually evolve their tactics, the imperative for legal professionals to fortify their cybersecurity defenses has never been more pronounced. This live video-broadcast will delve into essential cybersecurity practices tailored for attorneys and law firms. Blair will offer insights on safeguarding sensitive client information, maintaining attorney-client privilege, and fortifying digital perimeters. Furthermore, the program will explore the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence in the legal profession, shedding light on its transformative potential while addressing the inherent risks. For more information, click here.


Blair V. Robinson

Robinson+Cole, Associate


Live Video-Broadcast


10/23/2023 12:00 PM


10/23/2023 2:10 PM