Webinar: Microplastics: Small Particles, Big Consequences?

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Event Description

Megan Baroni will be co-presenting the webinar "Microplastics: Small Particles, Big Consequences?" Hosted by Roux, the program will explore the state of the science regarding human health consequences of microplastics exposure and how regulators are using the nascent data to potentially ground future regulations. The program will also review the potential pathways to liability associated with microplastics—from existing laws and regulations that can be used to address microplastics, to new legal schemes that may have a direct or indirect impact on plastic producers and users. And of course, there is the potential for litigation. Join for an up-to-date analysis of the scientific and legal approaches associated with microplastics and a discussion on whether they could become the next big emerging contaminant.

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Megan E. Baroni

Robinson+Cole, Partner




10/14/2021 1:00 PM


10/14/2021 2:00 PM