Product Development & Sales  | Dispute Resolution & Risk Avoidance

  • Product Development
    We have significant experience counseling manufacturers at all stages of the product development process, including product labeling, product liability prevention, recalls, and intellectual property issues, including the development and execution of growth strategies and methods for exploiting intellectual property rights.
  • Sales Support
    Manufacturers negotiate and execute scores of contracts of all types, including procurement (both flat and outsourcing), sales, and other agreements related to supply chain management. We often are hired by manufacturers to support their sales teams through the outsourcing of contract review, the training of the sales team, and the managing of legal risks.
  • B2B Dispute Resolution
    While some law firms approach business-to-business disputes in the same manner as other disputes involving end users, our team does not take this approach. Litigation and/or arbitration can be counterproductive and extremely damaging to a company’s business reputation and relationships. Therefore, we focus on resolution strategies that seek to maximize results without simply filing a lawsuit.
  • Litigation
    In recent years, we have defended manufacturers across the country in class action lawsuits, intellectual property lawsuits (including those brought by patent trolls), and other commercial disputes. As a result of our proactive strategies, we have resolved several multi-million-dollar class action lawsuits for either a minimal nuisance value settlement or no payment at all.
  • Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy
    The insolvency or bankruptcy of a customer, supplier or vendor can have an immediate impact on a manufacturing company. Our creditors’ rights and bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to serving the needs and protecting the interests of our manufacturing clients in most contexts. Matters can be as simple as collecting a delinquent account, or as complex as representing a creditor through a lengthy commercial bankruptcy proceeding, including defending preference claims, preparing proofs of claim or negotiating critical vendor status.