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Robinson+Cole Attorneys Respond to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The rapidly evolving impact of the coronavirus outbreak around the world and its characterization as a pandemic risk is overwhelming business leaders, human resource professionals and rank-and-file employees. Robinson+Cole’s dedicated Coronavirus Response Team stands ready to help businesses navigate the complex legal, financial and regulatory impacts caused by this unprecedented challenge.

Among other things, R+C’s professionals can help businesses address developments and/or issues associated with:

  • Rules and restrictions on reopening businesses
  • State requirements on masks and other PPE
  • Business and/or personal travel restrictions including State Executive Orders regarding businesses and individuals
  • Mandated or voluntary shelter in place quarantines or isolation directives, whether by government health entities or businesses entities themselves
  • School closures and the effect on employee attendance
  • Advice related to the Cares Act and other federal laws and guidance related to COVID-19
  • Wage and hour considerations for exempt, non-exempt and temporary employees
  • Paid and unpaid sick leave entitlements under federal, state and local law as well as under existing employer policies and benefit plans
  • Policy development, collective bargaining obligations, communication, and legal issues regarding telecommuting, layoffs, shutdowns, reorganizations, and other steps that may be taken to minimize the risk of exposure in the workplace 
  • Investigating an actual or potential exposure event
  • Health and safety matters
  • Preparing for possible cash flow issues by reviewing/establishing appropriate lines of credit
  • Impact of short- or longer-term layoffs/remote work arrangements on status of H-1B
  • Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance for telecommuting employees and/or when offices are fully or partially closed to workers
  • Impact of federal and state legislation on businesses’ response to coronavirus
  • Health coverage of virus-related claims 
  • Section 1135 Waivers of Health Care Laws for hospitals and other providers
  • Health care licensing and reimbursement guidance for facilities and providers in responding to COVID-19
  • Telehealth service delivery and coverage during COVID-19
  • Agency approvals for staffing and treatment plans to address COVID-19
  • HIPAA issues regarding requesting medical documentation or information and communications with patients (e.g., for telehealth purposes)
  • Expedited contracting for essential COVID-19 goods and services
  • 401(k), retirement plan and health and welfare plan issues, furloughs and layoffs 
  • Possible state law protections for employees who are out of work due to being a first responder or other related situations
  • Applicability of “force majeure”  or “impossibility” clauses in supply, customer, conference, event and other contracts 

  • Applicability of “material adverse change” clauses in agreements

  • Issues regarding designation of so-called “essential” businesses and services

  • Advice regarding cyber-attacks by those seeking to take advantage of situation caused by coronavirus

For the latest CDC guidance, click here.
For the latest public available coronavirus tracking information, click here.



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